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Malaya States Extensive Stamp Collection - we sell stamps and stamp collections through our weekly stamp auctions; we also offer free stamp collecting resources to help you with your philately! Malaya States Extensive Stamp Collection. A large collection in a single album, contains a full range of states from Johore to Trengganu plus some good FMS, Straits Settlements & BMA issues. Condition is chiefly very fine mint or used (no mixed ranges, the album often has a page for mint, then a page for used, the same issue can appear both mint & used). Well presented with many useful sets and ranges including such things as (amongst much else) the Straits Settlements 1937-41 die I complete set with most die II values mint, also the complete set with both dies very fine used; Johore incl 1948 $5 Silver Wedding mint, 1949-55 set (no 6c grey) mint, 1960 Pictorials set vfu; Kedah 1950-55 set mint, 1957 set used, 1959 set (with extra 50c perf) used; Kelantan 1957 set both mint (with extra 50c perf) and used; Malacca 1949-52 $1 and $2 used, 1954-55 set (no 35c) mint, 1957 $2 used, 1960 set (with extra listed shades) used; Negri Sembilan 1955 $5 mint, 1949 set (with extra listed shades of 5c and 6c) used, 1957 set (with extra perfs and listed shades) both mint and used; Pahang 1950 set (no 20c and 35c) mint,1950 $5 vfu, 1957 set (with both $5 perfs) mint; Penang 1949 set (no 12c) used, 1957 set used, 1960 set both mint and used; Perak 1950 set (no 35c) mint, 1950 set (with extra listed shades) used, 1957 set ...


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